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We are on a mission to provide local merchants and retailers with the ability to market to their consumers in ways that are far more effective than the status quo.

Local businesses are all trying to leverage and make sense of Social Marketing, Email Marketing, Deal & Coupon Marketing, Mobile marketing or online marketing. However, they are all missing what we call the “Local & Loyal” ingredient. We developed Kangaroo Rewards in order to provide this missing ingredient.

Kangaroo Rewards is:

  • A consumer loyalty program
  • A way for consumers to be easily rewarded whenever they shop at their favourite local place of business.
  • A way for businesses to impact repeat customers, develop word of mouth and establish more effective relationships with customers
  • Mobile, social and relevant to how consumers shop locally today and how businesses want to engage with their customers.

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Local, Location Based, Geo, Local Commerce, call it what you will. The fact is that:

  • 95% of all retail transactions are still done offline
  • 97% of consumer search for local businesses is done online
  • 50% of all mobile search is for local intent

Given the above stats, local merchants and retailers have no choice but to start adopting more relevant location based marketing techniques to build better relationships with consumers and grow their business.

Consumers are demanding more interaction through their mobile phone and better relationships with their local merchants. However, independently, local merchants do not have the technology or marketing investments necessary to reach consumers in the way consumers are demanding.

Enter Loyalty Marketing. (Read about Loyalty Marketing on the next tab.)

Loyalty marketing is not new. It has been around for decades and the advantages have been well studied and documented.

According to a study by Deloitte, merchants with a loyalty program are 88% more profitable than those who do not have one.

So while almost all large retailers benefit from offering a loyalty program to their customers, smaller local merchants and retailers still struggle at interacting with their customers in more meaningful ways. Until now!

Advances in mobile and online technology have essentially enabled smaller merchants and retailers to offer full featured loyalty programs to their own customers much in the same manner that large retailers have done for years – except at a fraction of the cost and headache.

Loyalty Marketing, in the case of Kangaroo Rewards, takes a modern twist to those paper based punch card programs where no interaction or customer analytics are captured. Modern loyalty programs also take the best from email marketing, social marketing, deal marketing and mobile marketing and puts all this together to impact how local merchants can engage with their customers. The outcome, when done right, leads to more extraordinary and profitable relationships with customers.

Modern technologies (mobile, cloud, tablets, etc) and companies like Kangaroo Rewards are making it real easy for local merchants to deploy full featured customer loyalty programs without having to pay a fortune for them.

With your very own modern loyalty program, you can start building far more valuable relationships with your customers. Plus, no more paper based programs like punch cards that simply cannot benefit from modern marketing features like social media, mobile interaction or business analytics.

What are the main advantages of adopting a loyalty program such as the one from Kangaroo Rewards:

  • increase in customers visits
  • increase in how much customers spend each time
  • better visibility into consumer buying habits
  • better product/marketing decisions
  • increase in social marketing and word of mouth marketing due to customer satisfaction

All this leads to an overall increase in customer retention, sales and profits. Talk to us to learn more.

Now you can be rewarded for all your visits and purchases at your favourite local businesses…all on one app.

  • No more paper punch cards to carry or remember
  • Kangaroo Rewards is your Loyalty Program for Local merchants
  • Get points from participating local merchants
  • You control which merchants rewards you
  • Get notified of nearby offers you actually want
  • Control how rewards are communicated to you
  • Exchange rewards/points with others (this is cool)

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We are a growing startup and are always looking to hire those that are passionate about what they do.

Here are some of the positions we are looking to fill.

Sales, Business Development, Marketing (Major bonus if you have experience in selling or servicing local merchants/retailers)

  • Account executives
  • Marketing Assistant


  • UI Designer

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Go ahead and download the latest Merchant Success Story showing how local business are benefiting from Loyalty Marketing and the use of the Kangaroo Loyalty Network.

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